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Superfood Smoothie

Happy Sprouts Farm

5 Days a Week

Our Superfood Smoothie goes back to the beginning. This became a staple in our diets from the time Brian was diagnosed with cancer, to now almost 5 years later, and our two year old daughter loves them too!

Include ingredients you love

If a smoothie will be part of your regular, daily diet- make sure you enjoy the flavor.

Our smoothie ingredients might change slightly based on what we have on-hand, and just about any of these can be substituted to your liking.

Recipe: Simply blend together frozen fruit (we like blueberries, blackberries or strawberries), banana, almond milk, coconut milk, nuts or nut butter (we like sunflower, almond, or peanut butter), protein powder (optional), microgreens or shoots (we recommend broccoli, cabbage, or sunflower). Occasional add-ons: Avocado, fresh pineapple, yogurt. Add ice and blend until frothy. Enjoy!

Is your mouth watering yet?

Happy Sprouts Farm's microgreens and shoots are trusted and loved by chefs of all skill levels, whether they're running the hottest local restaurants or putting the finishing touches on their trusty at-home meal. Why not join hundreds of happy customers and start boosting your immune system today!

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