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What are microgreens? Aren't they just a fancy name for sprouts?

It's time for a little agriculture lesson, given our name and some confusion that comes along with that. At Happy Sprouts Farm, our primary products are microgreens and shoots (not sprouts). Confusing, we know.

You see, when we started Happy Sprouts Farm in 2017, the plan was to grow many different plant varieties (microgreens, edible flowers, etc.). But, as we perfected our micros and shoots and the relationships with our chefs grew, we put ALL of our heart and soul into growing the BEST, most flavorful, fresh, and nutritious microgreens in the region. Just ask our chefs, they'll tell you.

So here's the difference in sprouts (not grown at our farm), and MICROGREENS (our specialty) in a nutshell: With sprouts you are consuming the seed, root and stem, while microgreens are harvested above the soil, and you consume the stem and first set of leaves. Microgreens are MUCH more nutrient-dense and flavorful than sprouts. While sprouts are good for a crunch, microgreens provide that and so much more!

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Happy Sprouts Farm's microgreens and shoots are trusted and loved by chefs of all skill levels, whether they're running the hottest local restaurants or putting the finishing touches on their trusty at-home meal. Why not join hundreds of happy customers and start boosting your immune system today!

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