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Gina's Pho

Miss Gina


When our neighbor Gina sent us a pic of her Pho dinner with Happy Sprouts micros, we had to share with y'all! (And Gina said it's OK)

Spicy or no? You choose.

How Gina makes it:

In a large pot, add:

-Beef broth

-Oyster sauce (about a tablespoon)

-Soy sauce

-Fish sauce or Hoisin sauce (about a tablespoon)

-Garlic to taste

-Let it simmer. Add some mushrooms, one fresh jalapeño slice (if you don't like spicy, leave this out). Add rice noodles and bring to boil

-Once noodles have boiled, add to your liking:

Happy Sprouts immune boost micros, jalapeño, bean sprouts, cilantro,  slice of roast beef (from deli) and squeeze of lime.

Is your mouth watering yet?

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